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 Already a few seasons have passed that the beret is slowly making its comeback, and now we can no longer resist this trend.

In cinema and on stage, Brigitte Bardeau, Catherine Deneuve and Faye Dunaway helped popularize the wearing of the famous beret, although long before them, the beret was popular with painters, who wore it indoors, probably for keep warm in their little or badly heated workshops.

How to wear it?

The way to wear the beret depends on the style you want to create. Flat on the head, tilted to one side or another, forward, backward, the beret is a very versatile piece, with which you can have fun.

-The BCBG will opt for a chic look, it will coordinate its beret with its slightly becoming woolen dress and its high boots and its branded bag.

-The boho when she will wear her beret nonchalantly, but taking care to compose a look all her own, with a few mottled items, mixed with new purchases.

- the young schoolgirl will wear her beret with a checked blazer, a classic blouse and small round glasses, for a wiser look

You feel ready to put on a beret 

Come and try the trend ... we have several models and colors to present to you. Until December 31, mention this publication when you buy your beret and we will give you 5 discounts..

 photo credit: Marlène LefebvreModel: Raphaëlle Laurin-Taylor

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